Colombia Buenos Aires

Colombia Buenos Aires

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Delicate and delicious. Brown Sugar and Cherry notes. This is a lovely coffee. It is on the lighter end of the roast spectrum, but we like to push it a bit to bring out those sugars.

Producer: Aura Delia Sánchez & daughter Margarita

Varietal: Castillo, Caturra

Region: Sevilla, Valle del Cuaca

Farm Size: 2.6ha

Altitude: 1700 m. a. s. l.

Temperature: 15.5-26 C

Annual Precip.: 1,800 mm

Processing: Fully Washed

Harvest Period: February - March

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Ask anyone in town about Aura Delia, and the first word they will utter is "berraca", a Colombian word meaning tough and brave. She lives on Finca Buenos Aires in the tiny wood and plaster farm house with her daughter Margarita, also pretty berraca, and her 4 grandkids.

Living on a farm with no men is unheard of in rural Colombia, and more so in the La Floresta vereda, that was a red zone, occupied by the FARC and plagued by insurgency until just a few years ago.  While most female heads of household migrate to cities and find domestic work, Aura Delia didn't want that life for her family, so they chose to stay and do what they love while the others were abandoning their farms.

Aura Delia and Margarita are some of the most berraca women we have ever met. 

Aura Delia is also a careful and meticulous farmer and administrator, precisely fermenting and drying every cherry that comes off the family's trees.  She tells us she made her bedroom of loose wood planks directly above the fermentation tank, so she can smell it and know when it is time to get up and stir the bean mass.  

Being a very small farm, all of the maintenance, picking, and processing is performed by the family, including Aura Delia's son that lives in the pueblo, therefore everyone is interested in making the best product possible.

In addition to focusing on consistent processing to create a great cup, Aura Delia and her family are interested in preserving the productive sustainability of the farm and the region they call home.

In addition to composting all organic waste from the farm and the home, they constructed a biodigester to capture and recycle the methane gas expelled by decomposing coffee cherries.  This simple device provides the family with all the free cooking fuel they can use and neutralizes 96% of the greenhouse gas the farm and household creates.